Parents page
Parents page

Everything is excellent! This was a comment by Mr Latrois.  His son and daughter came to Julie's home to stay and be taught English and attend cultural events.

Mr Latrois

Parents page

Everything is excellent! This was a comment by Mr Latrois.  His son and daughter came to Julie's home to stay and be taught English and attend cultural events.

Mr Latrois

RSE Complaints Procedure:

Julie and Tim Wren work hard to provide the very best care and teaching for all our students.  However, we know, that sometimes things can go wrong, and misunderstandings can occur.

Therefore, if you need to complain, please do – we are always ready to listen. Please can you email Julie Wren at: or

I will try to resolve the problem, and email you,  the same day that I receive your complaint.  If I need more time to resolve the problem, I will email you to let you know what I am doing about the problem.

Parents page

Updated March 2018

As parent’s ourselves, both Tim and Julie understand how important the safety and care of your family are. Therefore, we take this very seriously, and we make sure that we have the necessary safety checks in place.

Safety checks for Frogs Hole Farm:

  • Tim, Helen (daughter) and myself all have DBS Police checks.
  • We make sure that any cats are kept out of the students' rooms.
  • We check that the students like cats if not, we can keep them away from your child.
  • We will also ensure that before your child/children’s arrival that we have corresponded by email, Skype or phone, and that Rye School of English has your home phone number, emergency numbers and email addresses.
  • RSE will take the mobile phone numbers of your daughter/son as soon as they arrive. This is to ensure that we can always contact them.
  • We will give your sons/daughters our full address, house phone number and mobile numbers.
  • We will instruct them on what to do if there is a fire in the house. 
  • We will have fire demonstration which will show them where to walk to, if there is a fire in the house or in the stable block.
  • We have three smoke alarms and these are regularly checked.
  • We have a Home Fire Escape Plan that includes two exits, (both door and window) from each student bedroom. This plan is located behind the door of each bedroom, in the native language of the student, and in English. Each student is shown this on arrival.
  • We have a stable block (class room and study). The Fire Escape Plan will be demonstrated to all students. On the back of the doors there is a Fire Escape Plan in the student’s language and in English.
  • There are “Fire Exit” signs in English to show the appropriate doors.
  • We also tutor the students so that they can use the 999 British emergency number and can request fire, police or ambulance.
  • Swimming pool: No student under the age of 18 can go near the swimming pool unless they have a responsible adult who can swim.
  • There is a life-saving device that can be thrown to a swimmer who is in difficulty.  This is located in the swimming pool hut.  All students will be made aware of this.
  • Julie, Tim and Helen are strong swimmers.  Julie has her bronze and silver Life Guard certificates.
  • For under 18’s we never leave them in the house on their own. There will always be a sensible adult with them. For older students we will leave our mobile numbers for any emergencies. We have three doors in the house. If the doors are locked, there are always keys kept in the doors, for a quick exit.  Students will be shown and can try these keys to ensure that there is no panic on escaping the house.
  • We do not have any natural gas in the house.
  • Our boilers, standard cooker etc., have a service check once a year by a professional company.
  • The sitting room wood burning stove has a door.  No student is allowed to put wood onto the fire.
  • On arrival I show all students how to use the kettle, toaster and other home appliances.
  • For junior students I do their laundry myself.
  • RSE only allows the same sex students to share a large twin-bedded room.

Health of your child/children:

  • I have a First Aid box, which contains equipment for minor injuries.
  • My local surgery is happy to see students with more major injuries and illnesses.
  • We will call a doctor if we are, in any way, concerned about the health of your sons/daughters. Medication will only be administered to your sons/daughters after they have bought the medication on advice of the pharmacist, or doctor.
  • It is important that all medical problems are entered on the student's enrolment forms.
  • For Chinese students we will have both a traditional and Chinese medical professionals on request.  Please add this to your application form so that this can be organised.

Food and diet:

  • Frogs Hole Farm will provide bed, breakfast, lunch and an evening meal 7 days per week.
  • I enjoy cooking, so the meals I prepare are fresh and delicious.
  • We will try very hard to cater for the different dietary needs of the students.
  • For Chinese students I can source foods from Chinese food stores. Although trying English food is all part of the cultural package!
  • Please can parents and adults ensure that any dietary needs are entered on the student enrolment form. It is imperative that any religious, or peanut, or other allergies are registered.


  • When transporting students we will always ensure that they are wearing their safety belts.
  • We ensure that the under 18 students know that they cannot go out on their own without a responsible adult with them.
  • For adults (18+) they can go out on their own, as long as they have our contact home phone number and we have their mobile numbers. 
  • We do expect that all adult students should let us know if they are going to be late.  This is because we do not give students the keys to our home.

Smoking and drinking: 

  • The students must be over the age of 18 to smoke, drink or buy alcohol. This is the British Law.
  • We cannot accommodate any students that are smokers.

Responsibility of the students: 

  • Students will be informed, from the start of the course, that they must respect the home, family and simple house rules.
  • Students will be informed, from the start of the course, that under 18 students must never go off on their own without a responsible adult with them.
  • Students must ensure that they keep, at all times, the contact telephone, (landline and mobile numbers) and email address of Rye School of English so, that if they should get lost, or have an emergency, they will be able to contact us.

We hope that this information has reassured you that we will take great care for your sons and daughters.

If you require further information on anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Julie and Tim Wren